3 Ways To Work Your Core During Your Workouts

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November 12, 2013
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3 Ways To Work Your Core During Your Workouts

Want six pack abs? Or perhaps you just want a stronger core for injury prevention reasons. Whatever the case, making sure that you are taking steps to perform exercises that will strengthen the core is a very wise move. These are going to help to improve how you look but more importantly, perform how well you can execute other exercises as well.

Let’s have a quick look at 3 great ways to work your core during your workout sessions.

Add A Twist To Lunges

The very first way to work the core muscles to a larger extent is to add a twist to the lunges you’re doing. The lunge is already going to test your balance capabilities so will give you some core stress in itself, but to add to this, hold a medicine ball and twist from side to side.

That can go a long way towards boosting the intensity on the abs in this exercise and make it more of a core centered movement.

Do Squats On A Bosu Ball

The second thing to consider doing is standing on a bosu ball as you perform your squats. Note if you do this, you likely won’t want to be lifting weights as that can get dangerous quite quickly, but the instability that the bosu ball provides will cause your core muscles to sit up and react that much harder.

You’ll also find that your lower body muscles are contracting more intensely as well as they too have to be squeezed harder to keep you upright.

Just be sure that you do keep proper form as you do this exercise to avoid suffering from an injury.

Perform Plank Rows

Finally, the last good way to add more core tension in your workout is to make your regular rows renegade rows instead.

These are a great way to work the back muscles and also hit the core as you will be in such an instable position. Renegade rows are where you are in a plank-like position as you lift one arm up off the floor to perform that row.

So there you have some key techniques to integrate your core more into the exercises you’re doing. Try these and you should feel and see a difference in a few weeks’ time.

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