Why You Should Quit Doing Standard Cardio Training

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July 11, 2013
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July 18, 2013
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Why You Should Quit Doing Standard Cardio Training

If you’ve been working hard at your usual cardio training sessions, it may be time to rethink that approach. Far too many people get highly involved with their steady state cardio training that they fail to even notice when this approach stops delivering them the results they were looking for in the first place.

The research is done and steady state cardio is out and new, superior methods are in.

Let’s have a quick look at why it’s time for you to forgo that steady state cardio once and for all.

It’s Boring



First, it doesn’t take much to realize the fact that steady state cardio is relatively boring all around. While the first week or two you may be motivated to keep up with it, after that time is up, good luck staying committed to your usual 60 minutes per day.

It’s just not appealing enough for most people to stay the course.

It Doesn’t Bring Fitness Progress

Second, steady state cardio won’t bring that many fitness benefits either. You need to remember that in order to see progress being made, you need to be adding more and more stress to your workouts.

Steady state cardio just doesn’t do this, thus you may see progress when you first start but you won’t see ongoing progress over time.

It’ll Make You Weaker

Finally, if anything, steady state cardio can eat away at your lean muscle mass. Because it’s not providing a high level of stress for you to work against and that is what’s needed for you to start increasing lean muscle mass development and fitness progress, you’ll actually notice your fitness level move backwards rather than forward in many instances.

What’s more is that most people who are doing steady state cardio training will notice it has very negative implications on their weight lifting workout routine, causing them to grow far weaker than they normally are.

So those sessions will impact you negatively as far as your overall strength and fitness goes.

Not quite what you had in mind, is it?

So to avoid this, try interval training. Use a form of exercise that offers resistance – hill sprints, kettlebell swings, or even intervals of burpees.

All will work far better for bringing you the fitness gains that you’re looking for.

Ditch the steady state cardio and you’ll never look back. That I can guarantee.

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