When To Use Casein With Your Workout Program

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July 30, 2013
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August 6, 2013
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When To Use Casein With Your Workout Program

If you’re on the hunt for a few good quality supplements to add to your diet plan, you might be considering some protein powder.  Casein is one variety that many people often go about adding to their diet as it has very slow digesting qualities about it, making it perfect for those seeking appetite control and hunger help.

But, how should you plan casein with your workout program? Can it be used before or after your workout or must you stick to a whey isolate?

Here are some factors to consider.


A scoop of chocolate whey isolate protein


Casein Pre-Workout

The benefit to taking casein pre-workout is the fact that because it is slower digesting, the amino acids will be in the body by the time that you are finished the workout itself, which then can prompt a faster rate of recovery.

With an isolate, depending on how soon you drink it before the session, the amino acids you’ve consumed may be used up by the time you finish up in the gym.

Therefore, if you aren’t able to eat immediately post-workout, a casein can be a great choice.

Just be sure that you do consume it at least one hour prior to the workout session so the amino acids can start the breakdown process before you enter the gym in the first place.

Casein Post-Workout

Next, you may also consider using casein after your workout as well. Casein post-workout is a great way to recover faster when combined with a whey isolate.

You do want to use a whey isolate however to some degree post workout as this is the fastest digesting variety and will help you speed up the replenishment and recovery process.

If you can, mix half a scoop of whey isolate with half a scoop of casein – or purchase a variety that already has a good mixture of these two protein varieties.

Doing so will help ensure that you take in both fast and slower acting proteins during this time period.

This can be especially helpful if you aren’t planning on eating again for a few hours after that post workout meal.

So there you have the top points to remember about casein and your workout sessions. When used properly, it can serve as an around workout supplement as well.

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