The Influence Of Exercise On Hunger

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August 12, 2013
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August 20, 2013
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The Influence Of Exercise On Hunger

One thing that you will want to take into account as you get your exercise program underway is the exercise-hunger connection. Many people completely overlook this fact, but the exercise you do on a day to day basis can have a big influence over the amount of hunger you experience, so if you’re often falling off your diet due to hunger, it’s something to take into account.

Let’s walk you through the main things to know about exercise and how it correlates to the amount of hunger you feel.

Sprint Training

The first type of exercise to take into account is sprint training.  Sprint training is one of the more effective means at managing body fat as it will boost your metabolism significantly and help you burn fat all day long.

For many people, this form of training is also going to help decrease the overall appetite level due to the fact it is so intense in nature.  After the session is done, you’ll likely notice blunting of the appetite for about an hour, making your food intake post-workout more controllable.

Weight Lifting



Weight lifting is the next exercise to consider. This one again tends to decrease your hunger level due to the intensity – provided you are working out at that faster pace.

One thing to note with weight lifting however is that if your session becomes very long or is very high in volume (many exercises with multiple sets), this can then cause an increase in hunger, so you’ll want to keep that under control.

Short but intense weight lifting sessions tend to serve best for appetite control.

Long Duration Cardio Training

Finally, the last form of exercise to consider is long duration cardio training.  This is the one form of cardio to avoid if you want to maintain good control over you hunger level.

Long duration cardio training not only places great stress and strain on the body, but it will often make you ravenous for hours after you do it, making it that much more challenging to control your food intake.

Be sure to keep this variation of cardio lower overall in your program plan if you are going to do it.  It isn’t even all that effective for fat loss either, so there’s really no real reason to be getting it in.

So there you have the main influences that exercise has over hunger.  Be sure that you plan your program protocol appropriately.

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