Simple Substitutions For Gluten Rich Foods

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April 14, 2014
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Simple Substitutions For Gluten Rich Foods

Starting up on a gluten free diet protocol? If so, then you need to start thinking about what you will be eating instead. One big mistake that some people make who start using these diets is that they go on the diet and omit all carbohydrates.

Then they suffer from extreme energy crashes, which then leads to low energy and the decision to give up the diet entirely.

Before you let that happen to you, plan for some smart foods to eat instead that will still provide the carbohydrates your body requires.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Cold Cereal For Gluten-Free Oats Or Quinoa Flakes

First, if you typically start your day with some cold breakfast cereal, this will no longer work with a gluten free diet. Instead, you’ll need to find a substitute. Gluten free oats work great here and are an even healthier choice than cold breakfast cereal.

Or, go with quinoa flakes. These are also higher in protein as well, so will be a win-win for those struggling to get their needs met.

Pasta For Spaghetti Squash

Moving along, spaghetti squash can serve as a perfect replacement for your usual bowl of pasta. Not only is it lower in calories, it’s also higher in fiber.

Pasta is one of the top foods to avoid while dieting, so swapping for the squash instead will still allow you to get your fix and serve up your turkey meat balls and tomato sauce.

Cereal Bars For Home Made Trail Mix

Finally, if you like to snack on a cereal or granola bar throughout the day, this is also no longer going to be permissible now that you’re doing a gluten free diet.

Instead, create some home made trail mix. Use some nuts, seeds, dark chocolate pieces, along with some Chez cereal squares, which are natural gluten free.

The healthy fats and proteins will help to balance out the carbohydrates and keep your energy levels stable throughout the hours ahead.

So there you have some smart and easy swaps to consider making. Going gluten free doesn’t mean feeling deprived on your diet or eating no carbohydrates, it just means you need to make healthier choices.

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