3 Signs Your Diet Needs A Re-Vamp

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April 21, 2014
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3 Signs Your Diet Needs A Re-Vamp

As you go about your diet program, there is going to come a point where progress will start to slow. This is a very normal and natural occurrence whenever someone is aiming for fat loss because your body will learn to adapt to what you’re eating and will defend against any further fat loss.

But, you can avoid this. By watching for the warning sizes that you might be headed for a plateau, you can make some smart adjustments to get yourself back on track again.

Here’s what to look for.

Ongoing Hunger

Feel like you eat a meal and 10 minutes later you’re starving again? This is an indicator that the hormone leptin could be low in your body and you need a diet break so that you can get yourself on track again.

Ongoing hunger is never a good sign. Some hunger is to be expected but if harsh hunger is present 20 hours of the day, you have a problem.

Low Energy

Low energy is yet a second sign to watch for that you may need to revamp your diet a bit, changing the macronutrient ratios or simply increasing calories for a while. Here again, you’re watching for more extremes.

Days of low energy are quite common when your calorie intake is reduced, but if your energy level is chronically low, something isn’t right.

You shouldn’t feel like you have to suffer through your diet on a day to day basis.

Loss Of Interest In Meals

Finally, if you feel like you just aren’t even interested in eating the meals you have scheduled any longer because you just don’t enjoy the food, that’s a good reason to revamp your diet as well.

It’s important to find a diet that does appeal to you or you will never stick with it. Sure, you will have to give up some of your favorite higher calorie foods, but you should never feel completely deprived.

So keep these points in mind and if any of them start to present themselves, change up your diet so that you stay on track to success.


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