Four Great Foods for Every Woman

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October 17, 2013
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Four Great Foods for Every Woman

If you’re a woman who’s looking to improve your diet plan, it’s important that you focus on eating the proper mix of different foods in your diet. The foods that you eat will influence how your body feels and functions, so constructing an ideal diet is about more than just calories and grams of proteins, carbs, and fats.

If you aren’t selecting the right foods to nourish your body, you won’t be seeing the results you’re after.

So this said, let’s have a look at four great foods that you should be taking in more regularly.

Greek Yogurt




The first good food for women is Greek yogurt. This one is ideal because it’s a perfect source of lean protein as well as calcium, so will help to promote stronger bones. Many women are falling short in calcium on a regular basis, so choosing this as a mid-day snack will help you get your intake up.

Furthermore, calcium can help to speed the burning of stomach fat as well, so that’s an added benefit you can’t overlook.


Moving along, also consider adding bison to your diet plan on a regular basis as well. Another nutrient that far too many women don’t take in enough of is iron and bison will be a perfect source.

Red meat is slightly higher in fat and calories than white meat is, but bison ranks in as one of the leanest red meat varieties available.


Moving along, don’t overlook walnuts. While they are calorie dense, they supply you with some essential omega fatty acids, which are going to be required for optimal functioning. These fatty acids will help to improve insulin sensitivity, which will help ensure that your body is converting the carbohydrates you eat to lean muscle rather than body fat stores.

In addition to that, the omega fatty acids are also going to be reducing your risk of a number of diseases as well as combating against depression.


Finally, last but not least, consider bananas. Bananas are a very good source of potassium, which is a key nutrient for any active woman and are also going to help to ease many of the symptoms of PMS as well.

Choose bananas more regularly throughout the day and especially around your workouts to reap optimal benefits.

So there you have four great foods to do a check on yourself and ensure you’re eating. If you aren’t, it’s time to boost your intake so that you can achieve a better health standing.

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