Great Add-Ins To You Morning Bowl Of Oatmeal

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August 14, 2013
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Great Add-Ins To You Morning Bowl Of Oatmeal

If you’re looking for a healthy way to start you day, one food that you must consider is oatmeal. Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate that’s rich in dietary fiber and if you eat the regular variety, virtually sugar free as well.

The only drawback for some people is that they find oatmeal rather bland to eat, therefore turn their nose up at it on a regular basis.

Fortunately, if you’re willing to get a little creative, you can find ways to enhance its flavor and maintain its position in your diet plan.

Let’s go over some of the top add-ins to include in your morning bowl of oatmeal.




You can’t go wrong adding a few slivered nuts into your morning bowl. This will add some delicious crunch to the dish and will also boost the healthy fat content.

Almonds, walnuts, pecans, or hazelnuts will all taste great. And, if you prefer a creamier consistency, try adding some natural nut butter instead.


Seeds are the next add-in to consider. Just like nuts, these are rich in healthy fats and come in many different varieties. If you prefer something smaller than nuts, they tend to be a great fill-in.

Seeds also have just a hint of flavor, so are a great option for those who don’t want anything too strong.

Dried Coconut

Moving along, one excellent source of fat to get into your diet plan is dried coconut. Be sure to choose the unsweetened variety so that you aren’t taking in any carbohydrates with this add-in and are only getting the health promoting medium chain triglycerides that you need to promote optimal fat burning.

This form of fat is slightly different than most as it can be used immediately as an energy source for the body.

Dried Berries

Dried berries are the next add-in to consider. These are great for providing strong antioxidant power to your meal and will also rank in high in fiber as well as vitamins.

At just 50 calories per cup, they’re an easy add.


Finally, don’t overlook cinnamon. Cinnamon is an excellent addition to any bowl of oatmeal and can also slow down the glucose release into the blood stream.

So there you have the top foods that you should consider adding to your morning bowl of oatmeal. Get these in and you’ll have better nutrition because of it.

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