Client Of The Month – Richard Jones

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July 11, 2017
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Client Of The Month – Richard Jones


Richard Jones

I hadn’t heard of Precision Fitness before I started; I bid on a trial membership during a silent auction at work and won it.  I was at a point in my life where I just didn’t feel healthy and I knew I needed a change.  When I met with Dustin, I was surprised that he spent so much time asking me about my goals and getting to know where I was (or wasn’t) in my health journey.

I knew I wanted to do more than just lose weight.  I needed to focus more on my overall health, not just that number on the scale.  While I set and have met my initial goal of losing 25 pounds, I wanted to drop my blood pressure numbers without medicinal help.  My three most recent measurements were all well within the proper range and I have more energy than I have had in years.

To be honest, the exercise isn’t the tough part for me.  The difficult part is working on being consistent with my diet and Dustin is great at spending time before/after a workout to discuss my failures and successes.  The tone is always supportive, yet there is a level of accountability for me.  He doesn’t buy into any of the fads or gimmicks; those may win short term, but if I want to stay healthy I will have to work at it.

My favorite part about Precision Fitness is how flexible the coaches are regarding workout times.  Like everybody else, my schedule is crazy most of the time and a set time to work out doesn’t always fit.  The coaches are very open to allowing me to drop a text the night before and get into a session that I might not be assigned to and that helps so I don’t have to “make time” to exercise.

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