Client of the Month: Pam Davenport

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October 2, 2014
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December 2, 2014
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Client of the Month: Pam Davenport

Precision Fitness Client of the Month:

Pam Davenport
Pam Davenport

About four years ago I weighed double my current weight.  After experiencing constant shortness of breath upon any physical exertion and reaching age 60, I decided that I did not want to be a sore, inflexible old woman.  I was determined to change my ways.

I went through the New Directions program, a doctor supervised program that allowed me to lose 100 pounds in 10 months.   Since such rapid weight loss could result in “flappy” skin, I began an exercise routine of daily walking and Zumba five times a week.  I was advised that some patients have plastic surgery to help firm saggy, flappy skin, but that to wait a minimum of two years to assure that I would maintain my weight loss.  After three years of maintaining my weight loss and not being satisfied with the firmness of my body, I consulted with a plastic surgeon just to check on the cost and expected results.  As I recovered the sticker-shock of the cost plus the description of scars I knew this was not the route for me.

It was at the New Directions maintenance program that one of the nurses told me about her workouts with Dustin at Precision Fitness.  The physician also highly recommended him.   Previously I had never worked with a personal trainer, but I knew that I could attend many years of training for the cost of surgery.

My goals were to firm up my body as much as was possible.

As to my success, recently a slender friend commented on how toned my arms were and she wished she could wear sleeveless blouses….I was in shock…it is sometimes difficult to see my own body’s progress.

When I first came to Precision Fitness I had to learn EVERYTHING……even how to breathe correctly.   I can now dead-lift 70 pounds…unbelievable……my arms are firm and I am developing sculpted abs.   So I can definitely say that I am reaching my goals.

Because proper form is so essential to strength training, it is hard to believe that anyone can actually get it right on their own…after 10 months of training I am still being corrected, i.e., watch the shrug, keep your hips up, tighten up your “whatever’s”….

I love the sense of accomplishment I feel by continuing to improve.  Often I think, it’s just one- half hour…how can this short period produce results, but is does.  My other thought is I can endure anything for one-half hour…..if it’s not that long, there’s no reason to not do it.

As to making time for exercise it just has become my top priority.  Everything else is planned around carving that time out for me.  I drive two hour round- trip three times a week.  I still walk and do Zumba on those days.

Personally, I think this is one of the best things in life I have ever done for myself!

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