Client Of The Month – Kristi Myers

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March 14, 2017
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Client Of The Month – Kristi Myers


Kristi Myers

Last September, I stumbled upon Precision Fitness!  I was tired of being tired, hurting and just not being able to do things with my kids anymore, or work in my yard during the Spring/Summertime.  Little did I know finding Dustin would change my life!  So, with a recommendation of a friend, I setup an appointment.  I was expecting to sign up, and start my new exercise regime…was I wrong!

My first appointment, we went over my health issues, goals, etc.  My main goal was to gain upper body strength, which I thought was just from me not using my muscles like I had in the past, so they were weak.  I had been in pain in my shoulders/neck and back for several years and it was gradually getting worse.   Dustin explained to me that he could not let me begin an exercise regime until I was pain free.  I was thinking at this point – ha, yeah right!  This is a fitness program, not a pain management office – again – dead wrong…LOL!   After working with Dustin for a few weeks, I regained the use of my right arm with NO pain!  I was stunned!  Weeks to follow, gained the use of my left arm.  Over the past 6 months, every pain that I have had – we have worked on in order to get me PAIN FREE!

In the meantime, I had talked with Dustin about my 11-year-old son who sustained a concussion in Football over the summer and was having issues walking specifically – without being in tears.  Now, at the time, it didn’t occur to me there was anything related to his pain and his concussion except it was in both feet and extremely painful for him 100% of the time.  I brought him in to see Dustin and he walked with a pain level of 10 (scale of 1 to 10) and walked out with a 1!!!  Over the next few weeks of taking him in multiple times, his pain disappeared and he was 100% pain free!  He still goes in each week to work on some other things that need improving…. Dustin was a lifesaver!  Seeing your child in pain and no one being able to do anything about it is horrifying!  Precision Fitness changed my life and I look forward to continuing working with Dustin and his team!  Not only am I glad to call him my Personal trainer, but my friend!!


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