Client of the Month – Crystal Beshears

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Client of the Month – Crystal Beshears


Crystal Beshears 

I feel so much stronger in all areas of my life!  I began Precision Fitness during the New Year, New You Challenge two years ago.  This was a huge step for me in my Health Journey; my Life Journey.  I have never been a member of a gym, never played a sport or been on a team and did not feel comfortable in my own skin.  Since that day, I have grown and learned so much about myself-I owe this all to Dustin and Becky (and a few others along the way).   

I got used to feeling uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable not knowing what I was doing.  Uncomfortable not being able to do the exercises.  Uncomfortable not being able to keep up.  The feeling of being uncomfortable soon transformed into a greater need.  If I could overcome these discomforts, I could probably push myself to overcome other things.  Discomfort soon turned into motivation.  If the thought enters my head that I cannot keep going-another one now quickly jumps in and says “ABSOLUTELY, YOU CAN!”  I have taken this lesson and applied to many areas of my life- work, marriage, being a Mom.  The confidence that has grown in me is incredibly surprising!  I plan to continue this wonderful journey.   

I look forward to my days at Precision Fitness and have made some great friends along the way.  I look forward to my weekly workouts.  It’s a time to reflect and sometimes vent.  I can disconnect from the day for one hour and recharge.   

When I began at Precision Fitness two years ago, I could not do the simplest of movements.  Not only because I wasn’t physically able, but also because I was so uncomfortable with my own body.  I was embarrassed to do a squat!  Two years later, I’ve learned it is okay to try and fail-everybody does-get in there and keep practicing until you get it…. And then push yourself to do more.  And I’m proud to say, two years later, I can successfully do a squat while holding several pounds in weights (plus many other things).  I hope that two years from this day I am still pushing my own limits and continuing to grow in my knowledge and practice of health and wellness.   

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